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Today in the real world men and women don't use armor in battles. They use somthing like it but much more advansed. Like bullet-proof vests, and so on.

But in the medieval times armys did not have bullet-proof vests or even the material our cloths are made out of today. The had things like Leather, iron plated mail, full iron armor, chain mail, helmets, and shields. I will now define these different types or armor.

  1. Leather
  2. Chain Mail
  3. Iron Plate Mail
  4. Full Iron Armor
  5. Helmets
  6. Shields

Leather Armor Leather armor was about the worst you could get. It was the cheapest, but also the weakest. Some leather armor was good, but it depended on eho made it and what not.

Chain Mail Chain mail was mainly worn under the heavier Plate mail for extra protection. This armor was made up of little iron circlets, woven together, and formed to a shit or leggings. Some people would where this armor undern their cloaks.

Plate Armor Plate Mail armor was a plate of iron that mainlt covered the chest region. Usually having Chain mail worn under it for added protection.

Full Suit Armor Full suit armor was from head, to toe. Iron plate, with joints for the knees, elbows, thighs, waist, neck, etc.. usually knights on horses wore this armor, since they did not have to move around on their feet, They could choose to wear Heavier armor.

Helmets Helmets were worn to keep off blows to the head and neck region. They were usually made out of iron, with different flaps, and other things in front of their eyes, that they might see, but not get hit also.

Shields Sheilds were in my opionion the heart of the soldier. If he was good enough, he could keep off arrows and swords with it. And weild a sword, or other weapon in his off hand. The sheild could also be used as a blunt weapon, smashing things.